Bugle grateful for continued growth in career

3 years ago

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Conscious crooner Bugle has seen an uptick in his career over the past year, despite the globally imposed lockdown on entertainment. The singer attributes the surge to increased streaming across various platforms and the release of more audiovisual content.

“Over the past year, I have observed the numbers across various platforms steadily growing. Based on the investigation, it appears releasing more music, videos, and increasing my social interactions online are major contributing factors. Another element would be the lockdown of events locally, this has diminished a lot of the distractions associated with our industry. Therefore, people are spending more time listening to not just what is trending but more wholesome offerings.” – Bugle said.

Optimistic about the reopening of the entertainment industry in the foreseeable future, Bugle says he is thankful that he’s still experiencing growth amid the inert crisis.

“I am a positive person, and I always try to keep my musical messages align with that way of thinking. Despite all that is happening, I am very thankful there is still growth regardless of how minuscule. And, it is something I would implore my peers to do as well. No matter how it looks gloomy just keep pushing forward and maintain a pragmatic mindset, because it’s better to move slowly than not move at all.” 

He added.

Meanwhile, the Rasta Party hitmaker recently joined forces with Kabaka Pyramid and Grammy Award winner Sean Paul, for a pair of collaborations titled, What Is Life and Danger Zone, the latter is featured on Sean Paul’s newly minted album Live N Livin, released on March 12th. 

What Is Life appears on the Victory Rock Riddim compilation produced by Bebble Rock Music. Presently, Bugle is in the studio working assiduously on the completion of his fourth studio effort. Still untitled the album is slated for release later this year. This comes as the follow-up to his 2019 release Picture Perfect, which was shortlisted at No.11 in the Reggae Album category of the Grammy’s and spawned the breakout hit Life Saviour featured New York-based recording artistes Noah Powa and Norman Alexander.