Bugle finding the good in 2020

3 years ago

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Bugle is known for the positive messages in his songs. His songs lead to introspection and often leaves listeners inspired and hopeful.

He continues this trend with his latest single Life Still Well, which is scheduled for release on December 18 via Natural Bond Entertainment.

“True life is the inspiration behind this song just like per cent of my music. Seeing that we are in the midst of a world crisis for almost a year and we still doing well is something to sing about not only in a bad way because I always try to develop a negative into a positive picture regardless of the situation,” Bugle said.

Natural Bond Entertainment has left a positive mark on the entertainer as enjoyed working with producer Jerome Elvie.

“It was my first time working with Natural Bond Entertainment but definitely not my last. It’s always a joy to work with people that you connect with mentally, and the way we connected in the mental, felt like I have known him for years. We have brighter days ahead so big up Elvie,” said Bugle.

A video for Life Still Well is to be released within the next week. It was shot at various locations across the corporate area under the direction of Shot & Stunning.

“We did the video in various locations and of course the real essence of the ocean was a very important part of this project. We went into the middle of the ocean in a boat, to just show our appreciation for what we have and what the almighty has blessed us with. The essence of downtown Kingston is always important to me. We also did scenes at Chisholm Avenue as well,” Bugle confided.

Among Bugle’s better-known hits are Pearly Gates, Rasta Party, Nuh Compatible and Journey.