Bounty gives tablets to Seaview Gardens Primary School

Jeniel Lamb

3 years ago

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Students at the Seaview Gardens Primary School will have greater access to their online studies as Bounty Killer donated 40 tablets through The Bounty Foundation’s ‘each one teach one to reach one’  initiative. 

A short clip was shared to the Bounty Foundation’s instagram page captioned “Creating more smiles earlier today in Seaview Gardens”. 

This charity drive was assisted by his manager Paul ‘Bankey’ Giscombe. The outreach was done on Thursday, April 15, at the school and was received by Vice Principal Keisha Heslop-Pessoa.

“I was raised half of my life in Seaview Gardens and I was here from this school was made… I have close relationships with my community. When it comes to giving back and charity, my community is always a first priority,” Bounty shared.

The Cellular Phone DJ is no newcomer to charity and giving back to the Seaview Gardens community; from treats and donations, he has always been giving back to his childhood community.