Be Happy! It’s International Day of Happiness

3 years ago

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Today is recognized as International Day of Happiness.  The UN General Assembly states that “Happiness is a “fundamental human goal” and called for “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples”.

The need for happiness is sought in every avenue of life but depending on what is happening it might seem out of reach for some. Here are five suggestions to feel happier

  1. Start a gratitude list or journal. Paying attention to the little things that are good in your life, will improve your attitude. Writing down all the things that you have and appreciate can help you remember gratitude. 
  2. Do something you love. This is the easiest thing to do once you know what brings you the most joy in your life- do it more often. Is that spending time with loved ones, taking a trip? 
  3. Spending time with others. This can be hard right now with the pandemic and also with the culture of not needing anyone- but humans are social creatures and need to interact with others. Call an important person or spend time with a loved one while observing the COVID-19 protocols.
  4. Being Active. This might seem hard but just being active, taking a walk, or dancing in your house can bring up your energy and happiness. 
  5. Charity. Giving back is a way to make someone else smile or grateful. Seeing others happy because of something you have contributed will give you the needed boost.