Another body part found in Kingston

3 years ago

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The Kingston Central police are investigating the gruesome find of a hand yesterday on North Avenue, close to the Great George Street intersection in Allman Town, Kingston.

Reports are that dogs were caught playing with the body part.

The discovery came after a leg with shoes fasten, was also found in front the St Richards Primary school on Red Hills Road yesterday morning.

Investigators have not ruled out a connection of the crime scenes however the police await the outcome of forensics in order to confirm.

An Allman Town resident told Sleek Jamaica Media that they were awaken by the commotion after a passerby saw the hand and raised an alarm.

According to an eyewitness, the hand is from the wrist to the fingers.

A resident said, “Is only because the police block off the road why I was unable to see it but it was there. I don’t know if somebody was passing with it and it drop out. A bredrin who live at the location saw it but when I ask if it was a right hand or left hand, him say him never look at it long enough to determine.”

The resident said they also heard about gruesome find on Red Hills Road as it was being shared around on social media.

Another resident said, “It want to look like is a message killing. Body parts littered and give trouble to find. This year need to finish, too many grim memories.”

The Allman Town police confirm reports and said a wider investigation has been launched.

These grizzly killings has found its way back in the criminal underworld as two men were beheaded off White Hall Avenue in October 16.

One of the head of the deceased has still not been located.