Action Ann Foundation honours commitment, distributes compassionate grants to Musgrave Market vendors affected by devastating fire

11 months ago

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The Action Ann Foundation has demonstrated its unwavering dedication to the community by delivering on its commitment just one week after the launch of the Musgrave Market Relief Fund.

On Thursday June 8, 2023, more than half of the affected vendors turned up to receive their compassionate grants of $100,000 each. The foundation has dedicated $20 million from the funds raised so far to support the 200 vendors affected by the tragic fire that destroyed the historic Musgrave Market on May 28 this year.

The Action Ann Foundation worked closely with the Portland Municipal Corporation to obtain the list of registered vendor. Vendors collected their cheques after verifying their identity with a valid Identification Card and TRN.

The process was efficient and swift and represents a measure taken by the Action Ann Foundation to directly assist those affected by the unfortunate fire.

“The rebuilding effort for the Musgrave Market is a crucial step towards restoring hope and vitality in our community. I am committed to working closely with all stakeholders involved, especially the affected vendors, to ensure that this project not only rebuilds the physical structure but also revitalizes their livelihoods”, commented Ann-Marie Vaz, Member of Parliament for Portland Eastern.

The Foundation’s commitment extends beyond temporary relief and includes a  comprehensive three-step approach towards the market’s restoration.

Phase 1 focuses on providing compassionate grants to vendors and offering immediate financial support to help them overcome the initial challenges they face.

These grants aim to alleviate the vendors’ immediate burdens and provides some semblance of financial security during this difficult period.

Moving forward, Phase 2 will involve assisting vendors in restocking their stalls, allowing them to resume their businesses and putting them in the best position to regain access to the market which is key to their livelihood.

The Action Ann Foundation recognizes the importance of enabling vendors to rebuild their inventory and re-establishing their presence in the market.

In Phase 3, the Foundation will collaborate with the government in a partnership effort to reconstruct the market.

By working hand-in-hand with relevant stakeholders, the Action Ann Foundation aims to create a safe, modern, and resilient marketplace that will benefit the vendors, the community and the parish of Portland as a whole.

The Action Ann Foundation has made remarkable progress in its fundraising efforts. To date, the Foundation has successfully raised $40 million towards its goal of $100 million to rebuild the Musgrave Market and restore the livelihood of the vendors.

This impressive achievement reflects the tremendous support and generosity of individuals and local organizations who are passionate about reinstating the heartbeat of Port Antonio.

To ensure transparency and accountability, the Musgrave Market Relief Fund will undergo a thorough audit following the rebuilding efforts. A dedicated committee, comprising members of the Fund, the Municipal Corporation, and independent auditors, has been established to oversee the proper management and utilization of the funds.

This committee will ensure that every dollar is allocated appropriately and that the rebuilding process adheres to the highest standards of integrity.

The Action Ann Foundation remains committed to the vendors of Musgrave Market and the revitalization of the heart of Port Antonio.

Through its compassionate grants, restocking support, and partnership with the government, the Foundation seeks to uplift and empower the affected vendors, while contributing to the rejuvenation of the local economy.