A Shenyeng expansion

3 years ago

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Dancehall artiste Shenseea is expanding her entrepreneurial endeavours through the launch of her eyelash brand. 
The artiste revealed that so far she has two packages of lashes. Each containing three unique lash sets. 
The first set called the Lighter Pack features three sets of lashes called Wasabi, Foreplay and Lighter. 
The second package, which the international star refers to as ‘the Extra pack’, also features three lash sets: Tek Weh Man, Good Comfort and Baby Girl. 

In an interview last month with DJ Young Chow of New York, Shenseea stated that she was inspired to start her lash line after fans kept inquiring about the quality of her lashes.

“I chose these lashes personally that I know my Shenyengs will like. The packaging is gonna be crazy.”
Shenseea said her website will also be launched in the upcoming weeks. 

She added that plans are already in the works to launch other merchandise. 

“I can’t tell you about one yet because it’s so big and I’m so excited, that I don’t want to tell anybody yet. Something big is coming,” she said.