48 students awarded for high academic performance

2 months ago

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Over 40 students have been awarded by the Board of Supervision for high academic performance in the 2022 Primary Exit Profile (PEP), Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) tests.  

They were recognised during an awards ceremony held recently at Spanish Court Hotel recently.

Each student received financial grants ranging from $30,000 to $40,000, with the top achievers in each category getting between $40,000 and $80,000.

Additionally, scholarships valued $150,000 each were awarded to students currently enrolled at several local tertiary institutions. 

The programme’s Top CSEC Achiever, Chelsia Reynolds, in her remarks, expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and affiliated agencies.

“You believe in our success and are committed to helping each of us achieve a better future,” she said.   

The Hon. Desmond McKenzie, Minister in charge of Local Government, said the Government remains committed to ensuring successful outcomes for disadvantaged youth, and increasing financial allocations.

Minister McKenzie said, “We spent over $2 million on the programme for the last financial year,” he said, noting that “we have increased the benefits on a yearly basis”.   

The Minister further commended the staff of the Board of Supervision and the Poor Relief Department, who, he said, work with the children and their families to provide them with access to education. 

The ceremony recognises children whose parents are clients of the Board of Supervision and also recognises the academic brilliance and perseverance of the children of the Poor Relief Department.

The Board of Supervision is a statutory body under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. It was established under the Poor Relief Act to supervise and monitor the delivery of poor-relief services through the Municipal Corporations. 

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