13-year-old boy buggered in Clarendon

3 years ago

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The Clarendon police are searching for a man who offered a boy $1000 and had sexual intercourse with him against his will, in bushes. 

A probe has also been launched into the buggery allegations.

The incident occurred on March 4 in Hope District, Milk River in the parish.

Reports are that the complainant was walking through bushes when he saw the accused.

The 13-year-old boy told police that the man offered him $1000 to play with his penis.

The student reportedly ran off.

According to the reports, the accused then told the teen he was joking and then the child stopped running.

SLEEK understands that the man who is known to the teen then pushed him on the ground and began playing with his penis.

He then inserted his penis in the complainant’s anus against his will.

A report was made to the police yesterday.

Investigations are ongoing.