$100M allocated for MPs to assist poorest constituents

3 years ago

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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has allocated $100 million for Members of Parliament (MPs) to provide greater assistance to their poorest and neediest constituents.
Minister of Labour and Social Security, Karl Samuda said that

“The money is coming from our existing budget. We have done a realignment because we recognise that it is absolutely urgent. Time cannot be spent dilly-dallying about giving assistance to the poor and the needy,” the Minister said.

“So, we have set aside $100 million to be provided for Members to identify and be able to give support to the poor and vulnerable within their constituencies. On no account will a recommendation be accepted unless it is coming over the signature of a Member of Parliament,” he added.

The Minister explained that the programme is designed to enable Members of Parliament to have the flexibility “to do the things that are necessary to bring relief to the suffering people within their constituency”.

He noted that Members of Parliament will be receiving letters shortly outlining the procedural and accountability requirements that will ensure a fair and equitable distribution of the resources.

“We are expecting the fullest cooperation and oversight, as these resources are internally sourced through a process of realignment… . So, we are relying on our partners within the political environment to safeguard these funds and to use them wisely,” Mr. Samuda said.