ZJ Liquid hails police for speedy response

3 years ago

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ZJ Liquid thanks police for the speedy response in recovering a stolen vehicle

Selector turned artiste ZJ Liquid is today thanking law enforcement officers for their speedy response in helping him to recover a vehicle.

The vehicle was seemingly stolen from his home in Kingston.

In an Instagram video, the selector stated that the white station wagon was recovered in Islington, St Mary.

“People be careful and make sure unuh put tracker pon unuh vehicle and check unuh things them,”

he said.

He praised the police teams in both St Mary and Kingston for the handling of the situation.

“Give thanks to the Islington police and the Red Hills police. Mi haffi big unuh up cause unuh move quick and mek the thing happen. Mi grateful.”

He urged persons to be extremely vigilant especially during the Yuletide season.