Yard Mas carnival costumes “Premiere” heightens anticipation with exclusive runway showcase

5 months ago

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With an exclusive “Premiere,” Yard Mas Carnival Costumes Presentation will take place on Friday, November 3, 2023, with patrons being hosted at the National Indoor Sports Centre; which they have dubbed their “cinema.”

The event has heightened anticipation from patrons who will enter the venue free with invitations from Yard Mas Ambassadors, Directors, Sponsors and Marketers. 

“We decided to do things differently this year and really immerse ourselves into our theme of “Premiere.” It will literally be a movie with our models putting on a show for our guests who will be seated in our air-conditioned and comfortable venue as they are served complimentary Campari Cocktails. This year every “Yardie” is a “superstar” and this is just a precursor for the road experience that we have planned for 2024,” says Andrew Bellamy, Managing Director of Yard Mas Carnival.

The “Premiere” theme is inspired by unforgettable movies and their accompanying soundtracks. “It’s an all-female design cast for Yard Mas 2024 which includes five Jamaican design brands and five designers from the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. All the costumes include elements that will remind us of the first time we watched the movies that inspired them. Our novel “runway show” will give our audience an opportunity to fully absorb the details and beauty of the costumes that the Designers created. Essentially, it will be a “Yard Mas Carnival Masquerader Movie!” said Dania Beckford, Director Yard Mas Carnival.

Gates will officially open at 8:00 p.m. and patrons will get the opportunity to walk the celebrity carpet and be seated by 9:30 p.m. The “Premiere” begins at 10:15 p.m. with an “After Party” in the same venue where guests will have the opportunity to interact with the models and get up close and personal with the design elements of the costume.

“Our ‘Premiere’ presentation will not only be history making but it is also showcasing our band’s creativity and innovation that will be exhibited in a unique way. Similar to the magical feeling or thrill we get from movies; Yard Mas, through our creative and talented execution experts, will be a full feature film on the road for 2024, Bellamy concluded.

Persons without invitations can access the Yard Mas “Premiere” for a nominal gate price of J$4000.00 at the door.

The event will be streamed through the official @yardmascarnival page on Instagram and at www.yardmascarnival.com.