Xaymaca set to turn up the heat in Miami this weekend

3 years ago

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Jamaican Carnival Band Xaymaca International has exported its premiere event experiences to Miami, Florida for the weekend of April 30- May 3. The Xaymaca Team has partnered with Vincentian Soca Superstar, Skinny Fabulous and Event Promoters – Milk and Honey- to provide a five event diverse weekend experience.

“Exporting the unique Jamaican carnival experience was always a plan for us but it has been accelerated in the past year due to the limitations on the hosting of events in Jamaica and the call from our supporters to take our experience to them,” said Andrew Bellamy, CEO of Xaymaca International.

“Florida provided the perfect opportunity as it has proven to be safe to host events, it is in close proximity to Jamaica and it is such a melting pot of Caribbean influences,” he continued.

All events will be staged in the Downtown Miami area with the exception of Xaymaca Road which will be in Fort Lauderdale. All ticket holders will be given the actual venue addresses forty-eight (48) hours prior to each event.

“Even with the evidence of the safeness to stage events in Florida, we are well aware of our responsibility to our patrons. Strict COVID-19 protocols inclusive of mask-wearing by production staff and patrons, physical distancing via the event set up details, temperature checks and a robust digital contact tracing system has been put in place,” said Bellamy.

The weekend commences with “Bawd Behaviour” on Friday, April 30 (from 7:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m.) led by the Milk and Honey Team and provides patrons with an authentic mix of Dancehall, Zess and Soca. Things will heat up on the morning of Saturday, May 1 with “Bloom,” a food inclusive Breakfast Party staged by Skinny Fabulous. The event commences at 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. giving the Xaymaca Weekenders time to rest and be ready for the renowned “I Love Soca Jamaica” Festival at 7:00 p.m. that same day

With two carnival road march cycles postponed in Jamaica; the Xaymaca Team has included an event on Sunday, May 2 dubbed “Xaymaca Road.”

“Xaymaca Road is the event fix for our masqueraders who have anticipated the safe return of what we call “pretty mas” or “jump up day” on the road. Xaymaca Road in Florida will provide this experience as they enjoy an all- inclusive day of unadulterated fun in a costume of their choice; road march style,” commented Bellamy.

The Weekend of events concludes on Monday, May 3 with a Beach Party-  “Cool Down” – fete which has become a staple event for Xaymacans. This is reminiscent of the end of the carnival season in Jamaica.

For ticket purchases, information on the entire event experience and accommodations; patrons are asked to visit www.xaymacainternational.com.