Would you try ostrich eggs?

Jeniel Lamb

3 years ago

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The eating of birds and their eggs have been around for many decades- the idea of a breakfast with eggs is the norm. However the eating of the worlds largest bird and subsequently its eggs- is a bit taboo for many people. 

The eating of Ostrich takes place in countries such as Germany and Africa, the eggs however have become somewhat of a trend because of the sheer size of the eggs. Averaging about 6 inches in length by 5 inches in diameter and about 3 pounds, is also the world’s largest. One Ostrich egg is comparable to 1 doz chicken eggs. 

The nutritional value is similar to that of normal eggs but because of the size is more potent. Protein is still a major nutrient in these eggs. 

The price for these eggs, naturally are higher than that of its other poultry counterparts because of the size as well its exclusivity. Hens can only lay 60 or so eggs per year. Typically, an ostrich farm needs to wait for 45 days to harvest a fully-developed egg. 

Because of availability Australia and Africa are usually the countries to consume the eggs of these birds however other countries have gotten into the farming of Ostrich eggs and have made this delicacy of sorts more available, one such example of this is in America. 

Are you willing to try these eggs?