Walker-Brown to focus on girl’s high school football programmes

3 years ago

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Chairman of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) women’s committee, Elaine Walker-Brown, has targeted re-invigorating the country’s girl’s high school football competition’s, in order to take advantage of CONCACAF’s renewed focus on regional women’s football.

With the introduction of a CONCACAF Women’s Nation’s League, scheduled to be added to football calendar in 2023, Walker-Brown believes the country will need to have a strong local contingent to make full use of taking part in the upcoming competition.

Meeting that demand, she believes, will involve the broadening of the talent pool with a focus on development at the grassroots level.
She, however, also believes that achieving the target will require the implementation of more robust high school programs.

“One of the things you have to look at is our high school competitions. If you notice, a lot of our schools and I can speak for Trelawny where my colleague Marlene Brown is from, there isn’t any schoolgirl league being played there,”

Walker-Brown told Football GPS.

“No schools participate in the ISSA competition from that side. So, we want to go out again and market women’s football to the high schools and show them the benefits of it, see if we can get them playing and getting involved,” she added