Video games good for social skills?

3 years ago

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Gaming has been one of the fastest-growing recreational activities since its inception. As a result, the past time is often the subject of much scientific research as we seek a deeper understanding of its cause and effects. Unfortunately, it is more often than not studied from a negative slant where we try to draw parallels between gaming and undesirable traits in gamers

However, recent research shows that video games can prove to be very useful assets in SST (Social Skills Training). Some video games have been developed for social, emotional, and behavioural development training specifically. One such game is 3C Institute’s Hall of Heroes, a video game that has incorporated all the SST techniques.

There are many examples of behavioural therapy in almost every video game but it is most prevalent in multiplayer games. Online multiplayer video games usually have their social communities in which players interact and exchange ideas. According to PhD. Carol S Lee, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG’s) provide the perfect environment for treating Social Anxiety Disorder. This is due to its low-risk nature where you create an avatar which is usually a creative projection of yourself, and pilot them as they interact with other online gamers and their avatars. Social Skills therapists often incorporate this genre of video games in treating social phobia especially.  

In conclusion, while video games can be great assets in Social Skills Training, there are no studies that propose gaming as a cure to any social disorders. As stated, many studies label gaming as the catalyst of other issues. Those studies are not to be disregarded but shouldn’t there be the demand for equilibrium since there are numerous benefits to gaming, a sentiment echoed by and social skills trainers and behavioural therapists alike.