Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a cheat day: Tips on staying on the fitness journey

Jeniel Lamb

3 years ago

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Valentine’s Day is a day for eating, sweets and drinking. This means that all the new year resolutions to keep fit will be tempted this weekend! 

You can try to get something healthy while on your date at that restaurant or even take your Valentine on an early morning hike instead of getting ice cream.

The drinking and the sweets are the real creepers this weekend, the chocolates and the wine or champagne can really leave you feeling lethargic and helps you gain weight in all the wrong areas. 

If you need guidance then Personal and Online Trainer and award winning Body builder, Ricardo Daniels has a few tips on how you can stay fit on Valentine’s Day:

  • You need to plan some activities! Whether it be a nice, romantic walk on the beach or in your community, biking riding- Just taking a walk around the block after dinner allows for you to digest your meal and spend some quality time together.
  • Moderation is always key, try and avoid those sugary cocktails or carb-loaded drinks like beer, and if you do, limit yourself to two drinks. A  glass of red wine at dinner is a better alternative, and you know having a glass of red wine may complement the delicious dinner.
  • The rule to chocolate is to follow the serving portion and don’t get carried away and eat off all the chocolate at once.  
  • You can also prepare a meal at home, this allows you to be creative and make something within your diet restrictions, and you can make it as healthy and portion-controlled as you want.