Travis Scott questioned in lawsuits connected to the catastrophic 2021 Astroworld festival

Shannon-Dale Reid

1 week ago

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Travis Scott was reportedly questioned for eight hours on Monday (September 18) in a civil deposition he gave in connection with hundreds of lawsuits filed against him regarding the deaths and injuries at his Astroworld festival.

According to The Associated Press, Scott’s representatives are preparing a statement following the aftermath of the deposition. 

It will be two years since the incident when a crowd surge occurred as some Astroworld festival-goers were packed so tightly they couldn’t move or even breathe.

A judge scheduled Scott’s first trial from the lawsuits for next year on May 6.

Documents filed in court in April included over 1,500 active cases, many filed against Scott and Live Nation. Of the cases, 992 cited physical injuries and 313 cited “emotional distress, pain, suffering, and mental anguish.”

Reports are that some of the lawsuits have been settled.

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