Tracee Ellis Ross expresses herself through her clothes and hair

3 years ago

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The 48-year-old actress “hates” getting rid of her old garments but that doesn’t mean they just go into storage as she’s still wearing things now that she first bought decades ago.

She said

“There will always be dishes in my sink and too many clothes in my home. “I hate to throw clothes away. “I still have a beautiful Norma Kamali slip dress from when I was 22. I wore it to my brother’s wedding three years ago. My clothes are a reflection of myself.”

The ‘High Note’ star regards her hair as her “greatest form” of expression and loves experimenting with the way she styles her locks.

She said:

“I could chronicle my journey of self-acceptance through my hair. “It’s my greatest form of expression. “Sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s small, sometimes elegant, gravity-defying, electric… I don’t think there’s anything as chic as a slicked-back bun but when my hair is loose, it has a mind of its own.”

Tracee has always loved fashion and while she used to use her style as part of a “persona” she had to cover her insecurities, she now uses her wardrobe to express her true self. She added in an interview

“As a child, clothes were my armour. It fed into a persona I put on to cover my insecurities. It was a way to present an identity – if I wore a great outfit, I would conquer the world. “When I was a toddler, I’d wrap myself in a bedsheet, wear mum’s heels and become a queen. Now, clothing is a form of creative expression.”