Sun, sand and sweet memories: The Azul experience

Stevian Francis

1 year ago

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Sand, sun, and sweet memories, that is what you can expect when you stay at Azul Beach Resort Negril, Jamaica.

The resort which sits along Negril’s famous Seven Mile Beach has been among the more noted choice of stay and get away for foreigners and our local tourists.

The Sleek Jamaica team traveled to the South Coast over the weekend to experience all that the property has to offer and we were not disappointed. The scenic and pleasant journey to the city continued to the resort, as warm smiles greeted us at the entrance to the rooms.

Customer service was at the utmost from the get-go. The staff was well trained, professional, and sincere in their pleasure to serve.

The Rooms

The Aazul Beach Resort Negril has over 285 Ocean View Suites and separate adult and family areas.

Depending on your room choice and package, you’ll either be Sunkissed by a beautiful sunrise or caressed by views of calming waves.

While some rooms may have additional amenities such as a swim-up pool right outside of your balcony, one thing remains common with all accommodations, they’re clean, spacious, and super comfortable.

All rooms come equipped with a minibar, which could be stocked upon request, in addition to your flat screen tv, and a spacious bathroom which makes you almost not want to leave your room.


The Azul Beach Resorts was equipped with a plethora of amenities including several swimming areas, pool bars, and restaurants.

The bars were a major hit for the team as each bar along the resort was strategically and conveniently located and most importantly fully stocked. The combinations of mixtures were virtually endless and made for some interesting combinations and experimentations. Since the experience is all-inclusive, you’ll have the latitude to try as many combos as you want responsibly of course.

Of course, you can’t have liquor on an empty stomach at least it wouldn’t be advised, so when it comes to the cuisine offered at the resort, The diversity of food at Azul Negril was vast and exquisite, to say the least.

The cuisine ranged from Asian to the Mediterranean to home-style cooking, which delectably suits any pallet whether you’re already a fan of a specific taste or looking to try something new.

There are several main restaurants to your preference:

If your taste is for Asian, the HUA HIN offers lovely contemporary Far East cuisine in an eclectic dining atmosphere and provides a delectable a la carte menu of authentic Far East delights, which will be sure to make you add a few offerings to your daily favorites.

However, if you are more interested in Euro-style cordon blue, the DI ROMAGNA is definitely up your alley. Di ROMNAGA provides some of the best Italian cooking you will experience in Negril during your trip.

The restaurant not only charms with the exquisite dining from the foodservice but it earned top marks from their wine selection, which you would expect from an Italian establishment of its caliber. Needless to say, it was a great experience.

The experience was also good at the GARFIELD BEACH HOUSE. The restaurant which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine provides a blend of high dining and a more relaxed setting, as you can enjoy your food while enjoying the pristine beachfront.

However, if you’re really into a scenic Caribbean experience the ACKEE restaurants will satisfy your needs. ACKEE provides all the local and Caribbean favorites and classics from Jerk chicken, curry lamb, and of course Ackee and Saltfish in an open style set up.

Ackee allows the guest to enjoy a full oceanfront experience, as you’re catered to with a plethora of food choices while basking in the refreshing sea breeze as you overlook the beach directly adjacent to the restaurant.

Other places such as MAHOGANY and Palms equally provide a serene experience and offers that will have you salivating over the menu options.


Now let’s talk about entertainment.

From fire shows to dance competitions and nightlife activities you don’t want to miss your ticket to part two, where we break down and share the full Negril lifestyle experience from the entertainment aspect, and let’s just say it was full of vibes at Azul.

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