Spirits Companies Support “Proppa Vibes” Responsible Drinking Campaign for 2021

3 years ago

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Against the background of an increase in home-based alcohol consumption during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the spirits industry’s objective of promoting positive, healthy lifestyles, the purveyors of alcoholic beverages in Jamaica have united in support of the “Proppa Vibes” responsible drinking campaign for 2021. The campaign, which is being launched on March 25, is an extension of the “Party Proppa” campaign, which was launched in 2019, spearheaded by J. Wray and Nephew Limited (JWN) with industry-wide support.

Senior Public Affairs and Sustainability Director at JWN, Tanikie McClarthy Allen shares that the campaign concept has evolved with the social and lifestyle changes that have been made the norm by the pandemic.

“Disruptions in the entertainment industry, government restrictions made necessary by COVID-19, and general social distancing requirements, have all led to smaller, more intimate and physically distanced gatherings, as well as at-home consumption of alcoholic beverages becoming the ‘new norm’. “Proppa Vibes”, reflects this new reality of entertainment and socialising,”

she explained.

The “Proppa Vibes” campaign, focusses on drinking responsibly with emphasis on at-home consumption, and takes into consideration the limitations and social dynamics brought on by the pandemic. According to McClarthy Allen through the campaign, alcoholic beverage companies are displaying empathy with their customers in this period of change and challenge, conveying to them positive encouragement to lift their spirits, while cautioning against overindulgence that can lead to negative social consequences.

“The campaign seeks to leverage actionable content driven by traditional and digital media which motivates and promotes responsible drinking practices. The message will be relayed by relatable and familiar influencers and voices in the digital space,” McClarthy Allen added.

“A digital campaign allows for a high level of creativity while underscoring the physical distancing and enabling instant, effective connection with a wide cross section of the consuming public,”

the JWN representative added.

Christopher Gentles, General Manager of the Spirits Pool Association, which represents rum distilleries in Jamaica, says the organization is excited at the possibilities of the “Proppa Vibes” campaign, which is being endorsed by all the distilleries.

“This responsible drinking message is timely as we do our part, as a responsible industry, to reduce alcohol abuse and to empower our consumers with information that can assist with responsible decision-making on their part. The government is contemplating its policy moves in terms of the correlation between alcohol abuse and non-communicable diseases, and our messaging, through this campaign, will continue to assist in drawing the attention of the alcohol-consuming, as well as the wider public, to these issues of health, wellness and positive living,” he points out.

Gentles adds that the positive messaging will help people, especially younger consumers, to understand how to manage and consume alcohol responsibly, while reiterating for more mature consumers, the dangers of substance abuse and the benefits of wholesome, healthy living.

Meanwhile, Marketing Manager of Hampden Estates, Christelle Harris says the Hampden brand is pleased to support the “Proppa Vibes” Campaign.

“The values of the campaign, which highlights responsible drinking, align with the core brand values of Hampden Rums and we are wholeheartedly on board with the campaign objectives,” she notes.

National Rums of Jamaica Limited (NRJL) through its Monymusk Plantation Rum brand, has also thrown its full support behind the “Proppa Vibes” initiative. Dr. Debbian Spence-Minott, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer for NRJL is underscoring the need for the entrenchment of the drink responsibly message at all levels of the alcoholic beverages industry.

“The mandate of drinking responsibly is of utmost importance to our industry and to the sustainability of our business. However, it is not only drinking responsibly that is important. Serving responsibly is also essential. We see this as an effort to be supported right across the beverage sector, from the service of beverages to their consumption,”
she points out.

“During this time of the global pandemic, it is even more important for us to be recognizing and supporting this drink responsibly mandate, as the stresses during this time can cause negative vibes and adverse social issues,” she says.

Tamika West, Marketing Manager for Rum-Bar rums, produced by Worthy Park Estates, is highlighting the integral connection of rum to social lifestyle and the importance of the responsible drinking message.

“Worthy Park Estates is a supporter of the message of being responsible in the consumption of alcohol. We wholeheartedly support the new initiative being led by J Wray and Nephew to launch the “Proppa Vibes” campaign. Rum is an integral part of the entertainment aspects of our lifestyle as Jamaicans, and as such, it is important that as rum purveyors we continue to share the message of managing alcohol consumption in a responsible way,” she expressed the view of the company and brands she represents.