Safety tips for shopping online

3 years ago

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There has been a significant increase in the use of information technology (IT) as persons work, study and conduct business from home due to the impact of the COVID-19.

IT Manager at the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC), Andrew Evelyn provides tips to ensure that the use of technology is safer for consumers.

1.Use the very latest browser (update) for your device to ensure that your browser will help to protect you. Install the latest antivirus software.

2. Shop on websites with good encryptions. So you should ensure that the website has ‘https’ on it, which signifies that it is encrypted and will give you good protection.

3. Use strong passwords that are not easily broken.

Ensure that you use a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols in your password, a minimum of eight characters.

4. Do not make purchases using free Wi-Fi.

5. Avoid making purchases from spam

6. Check your credit card transactions regularly.

The CAC is the national agency responsible for consumer advocacy. For further information, persons can call 876-906-5425 or email