Rental company sues Offset over Bentley

3 years ago

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Migos rapper Offset is being sued for the unexplained disappearance of a rental Bentley.

Platinum Transportation Group, an L.A-based luxury rental service, is suing the rapper over what it says is the shady disappearance of one of their new Bentleys he rented in the Spring of 2020.

Reports are that Offset was renting the Bentley for less than $600 a day. The lease was only supposed to last a few days, but Offset kept requesting extensions to his rental period.

A new agreement was reportedly drafted for Offset to rent the car until July 2020.
The rental service claims that after July 4, Offset told them he didn’t have the car in his possession, didn’t know who had the car last, or where the car was.

They also claim Offset stopped making payments on the car after his lease was up on July 25, despite the fact he had failed to return the car.

The rental company is claiming it’s out more than $100k in missed revenue from not being able to rent the Bentley.