Piers Morgan expresses disbelief about aspects of Meghan’s story

Jeniel Lamb

3 years ago

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Piers Morgan’s constant rants about the Duchess of Sussex will soon come to and as Morgan has decided to leave ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Megan and Harry went public with aspects of their lives for the past four years with Oprah on CBS and the host has been open about his feelings.

After the expose with Winfrey- Piers said some things that made many people very upset. Morgan expressed his disbelief about aspects of Meghan’s story including her comments about suicidal thoughts.

Morgan’s colleagues have also expressed their views on insensitivity and obsession with the couple. He has since announced that after six years on the programme he is leaving.

The reason for his abrupt departure is still unclear but it comes after an earlier walk off after an on-air clash with weather forecaster Alex Beresford, who criticised Morgan on Tuesday for his continued attacks on the Duchess, prompting Morgan to walk off the set.

Morgan has not commented on his departure beyond posting a gif on Twitter of a ticking clock.