Nicki Minaj‘s husband reportedly refuses to agree to settlement in sexual assault case

Shannon-Dale Reid

4 months ago

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Nicki Minsk’s husband, Kenneth Petty, is reportedly refusing a judge’s order to settle the sexual assault case brought forth against him by Jennifer Hough.

The victim is now seeking legal help to put pressure on Petty to move forward and according to reports, court documents on Monday shows that Hough’s attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, has demanded a scheduling order.

The lawyer, reportedly claims Petty is refusing to cooperate on settlement negotiations.

Hough alleges that Petty harassed her in an attempt to convince her to recant to avoid the National Sex Offender Registry.

She says Petty offered her $500,000 to drop the case and that Minaj hired private investigators to harass her and her daughter. However, she has since dropped her case against Minaj.

Nonetheless, Petty continues to not make progress toward a settlement, and the possibility of the case going to trial becomes more and more likely.

The judge ordered him to reach a settlement with Hough back in December as this could head back to the court.

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