New Music Alert: Squash releases “Seduce” for the ladies

Shannon-Dale Reid

2 months ago

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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, hardcore dancehall artiste Squash is showing a different side as he has gifted his female fans with ‘Seduce’ his latest single dedicated to lovers.

The explicit song hears Squash show versatility, singing about a girl he has fallen in love with from all angles and that she also loves him. He gets extremely sexual on the track expressing just how much this woman has seduced him.

According to him, the love is so real that the woman has the 6ixx boss wrapped around her fingers.

To a few fans, the song shows off the artiste’s versatility and talent and for others, it’s just a song for the ladies.

It’s produced by NW Records, the song was released late Tuesday (Feb 6) and has been making its rounds on social media.

It has been streamed over 30 thousand times.