Tobago gas company to hit local market soon

3 years ago

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Tobago Gas Jamaica Limited is set to become another player in the local Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) market having already completed all the required documentation and currently finalising a deal with a customer.

The company is a subsidiary of Tobago Gas Trading and Logistics Limited, which is based in Caribbean neighbours Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago Gas Jamaica has been registered in Jamaica since 2017.

Margaret Christie, president and CEO of Tobago Gas Jamaica said the company has completed all the paperwork in both Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. It is waiting on the first 6,000-gallon isotainer to be purchased.

Christie said the isotainer is already on the island and negotiations have started with a potential customer, where discussions are currently at the board level.

According to Christie, LPG will be the first product on the Jamaican market for Tobago Gas Jamaica as the company has plans to expand.

“We really want to get into the market and supply good products and services and we are starting with LPG, but we are going to move on to other things and we are just hoping that we are embraced and we do good business in Jamaica,” Christie said.

She said Tobago Gas Jamaica would be operating differently than the other LPG suppliers on the island. Christie noted that the isotainers will be filled at the facility in Trinidad, shipped to Jamaica, unloaded at the wharf and sent directly to the customers.

“Customers will not have to come and collect it, they don’t have to do anything. We send it straight to them and it comes with some special valves that we provide. They connect the valve, take out the LPG and then send the container back to the wharf. The container goes back to Trinidad and the process restarts,” she said.

The pricing, according to Christie will be comparative to that of the government-owned PetroJam with discounts being offered according to the volume customers purchase.

Christie said Tobago Gas Jamaica has already established strategic partners in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago to ensure smooth function when the company becomes fully operational.