Missing Woman found inside stomach of 20-ft Python

1 month ago

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An Indonesian Village was plunged into mourning following the reported discovery of the body of a missing woman inside the belly of a 20-foot python.

According to reports, the body of a woman identified as Farida,50, was extracted from the belly of the large reptile by villagers who went in search of the mother of four, who was declared missing on June 6.

The search team led by Farida’s husband, who grew concerned after she had not returned in the night, found the giant snake spread out with a large bulge in its belly the next day.

It’s understood that the victim, who went for a walk, was bitten in the leg by the venous creature as it coiled around her body, suffocating her, before eating her whole.

It’s further understood that the body was removed and taken for a religious burial in the Pitu Riawa district in the South Sulawesi Providence of the country.