Mike Henry cautious on increasing local league teams

3 years ago

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Chairman of Clarendon-based Premier League football club Humble Lion and member of parliament, Mike Henry, has called for a careful assessment to be done on the implications of adding more teams to the local league.

Earlier this year, the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) announced plans to increase the number of teams taking part in top-flight football from 12 to 16. The plan would see no teams relegated when the league resumes, with two additional teams set to gain promotion to the topflight the following season.

Since its initial suggestion the idea has been one that has generated controversy, with several current top-flight clubs opposed to the idea. The issues mentioned range from the lack of enough quality players available to insufficient finances to support the expansion.

While not coming out as explicitly against the suggestion, Henry hinted at their not being enough due diligence surrounding the proposed implementation of the changes.

“If we want to move from 12 to 14, then we must mark out economic zones that give us the answers.
If you are going to make more money from broadcasting rights and streaming than the physical gate then you must analyse that in relation to what is to be done,” Henry said a recent local radio interview.
“Note that the large investors and owners themselves are moving away unless you can do the structure of shareholding in the club, which also has to have a social appeal,” he added.