Michail Antonio chooses to be a Reggae Boy for World Cup 2022

3 years ago

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West Ham United striker Michail Gregory Antonio recently officially switched his international allegiance from England to Jamaica with the full intention of making it to the world cup as a Reggae Boy.

This could be one of the many stars to align to assure World Cup qualification or it can prove inadequate like the numerous international allegiance switches for Jamaica in the past. Nonetheless, let it be known that Michail Antonio is now a Jamaican international by choice as he has been included in England squads before. Additionally, England is statistically the more likely of the two nations to make it to the world cup and possibly win.

With that being said, it is also far more likely for the striker to be instrumental in Jamaica’s attempt at World Cup glory and that might be incentive enough. It is yet to be determined how Antonio’s involvement will impact the squad and March 25 is the earliest opportunity to see exactly that. On that date, Jamaica is scheduled to play an international friendly against the USA in Austria however, Jamaica’s official squad is yet to be named.