KSAFA sets up committee to watch parent body JFF

3 years ago

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The Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) has established a subcommittee to monitor and evaluate actions of the parent body, the Jamaica Football Association (JFF).

A release by KSAFA Saturday afternoon, stated that the decision was taken at a recent meeting, set up to deliberate wide-ranging missteps of JFF, with a progress report to KSAFA’s full membership “in due course”.

“KSAFA was unified in expressing misgivings about the JFF’s plans to chart the course for Jamaica’s football,” according to the release.

It stated that KSAFA would also be insisting on greater accountability and transparency from the JFF.

Among KSAFA’s concerns is a lack of transparency in the football restructuring proposals of the JFF.

“To date, the association has not been provided details of the proposal that was submitted to FIFA,” the release said.

KSAFA said it would also be examining the island’s start of the next World Cup qualifying campaign and the need for continuous youth development.