JFF agrees to demands put forward by Reggae Boyz

3 years ago

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Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) executive board member, Rudolph Speid, a member of the organisation’s contract negotiation team, has revealed that it is willing to agree to several of the demands put forward by the national players in their latest proposal.

The JFF and members of the national team seem to be inching closer to an agreement after weeks of acrimonious negotiations.  According to Speid, there now seems to be some light at the tunnel as several previously contentious issues have been addressed in the player’s latest proposals, which were submitted on Tuesday.  The federation is willing to agree to most with only a few issues left to iron out.

“They had sent back a counter proposal on numerous things, the appearance fee, the bonus fee, the share of the prize money to go to the World Cup and if they win prize money at the Gold Cup.  We did agree with them on some of the issues, not all, but the majority of them,”

Speid said in a recent television interview.

The parties are, however, yet to begin negotiations for the upcoming friendly against the United States, which is booked for the SC Wiener Neustadt, in Austria, on the 25th of this month.

“That game for the US was a standalone offer.  A one-time offer to the players because we were operating on the first contract, it has expired.  It says the JFF has the right to set the fee.  So, we set the fee and told them how much we got for the game.  We told them it was a practice game both sides needed, and that we had to work together to ensure the JFF does not incur a big loss.”