ISSA eager to start sporting activities in schools

3 years ago

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Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) president Keith Wellington has revealed that the organisation is in the process of plotting a return to action for high school sports that typically occur in the Easter Term, albeit in much scaled-down proportions.

The period, which runs from January to April, would typically see the local high school sports calendar populated with cricket, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, and track and field.  However, due to the continued prevalence of the coronavirus pandemic, none of the sports have started.

Wellington, however, insisted that organisation still had plans to engage students that had an interest in participating in their respective sports once a schedule can be worked out and it could be done in a safe manner.

“The thinking now is that those who are able, we want to engage them, those who are able to and need to, we want to engage them,” Wellington said in a recent interview.

“So, if we normally have 100 students participating and only 15 are now available, we are not going to allow those 15 to not benefit from the opportunity because the other 85 cannot, especially once it is safe to do so.  That is the most important thing (safety), we are not going to put the 15 at risk.”