Is cyber dating the new thing?

3 years ago

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Every day the world’s population grows more and more connected and it is primarily due to social media and its many advantages. It is through this medium that we were able to establish a relatively modern-day phenomenon that is online dating.

Of course, online dating has its flaws of the occasional catfish (someone posing as someone else) among others. However, there is one struggle synonymous to all participants, proximity. For a plethora of reasons, participants are often not readily able to have face to face dates or interactions. Thankfully, the online community has found ways of combatting this struggle and that is through cyber-dating/virtual dating.

Cyber-dating is as the name suggests; it is merely having dates online. You meet people online and engage in activities with them through video or phone calls. One common example is movie dates where individuals contact each other through media devices and watch a movie together. This is so common that some of the most reputable streaming services like Netflix have incorporated a watch-party system to facilitate these occasions. Throw video calls in the mix and you get to hear your partner and see their reactions in real-time which makes for a more intimate experience.

Cyber-dating is quickly increasing in popularity and has been on a steep incline since early last year. It is fair to argue that much of this traction is due to the pandemic which has limited face to face interactions considerably.

In any case, Valentine’s day is less than a week away and social distancing is still very much in impediment for many who are looking to mark the occasion with a special someone. Perhaps you could consider cyber-dating. However, it is important to note that cyber dates are limited only by your imagination. You may not be able to physically touch the person a cyber date is a good way to be together, share moments and make long-lasting memories.

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