Is casual sex becoming the norm?

3 years ago

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Sneaky links are becoming a popular phenomenon and is no longer a taboo topic. What exactly is a ‘sneaky link’? Based on popular culture, it’s the setting of an appointment to have sex with a secret person, without anyone knowing, usually during the night. 

Interestingly, this happens in relationships where persons are  cheating or if two people just want to have sex without actually interacting outside of that. 

In recent decades, since the sexual awakening of the late 1960’s,  the world has opened up to young people, in regards to sexual liberation. Young people are using this freedom as means to have sex when they want, with who how they want and how they want. This is what is dubbed ‘hook up culture’. 

Hook up culture means a welcoming and encouraging of  casual sex encounters which includes one-night stands and other such  activity, without an emotional intimacy, bonding or a committed relationship. 

This hook up culture means many people are ‘linking’ and engaging in ‘Netflix and Chill’ type activities. Are you hooking up? Any sneaky links?