I am stronger than I knew – Chelan

3 years ago

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The vocal, vibrant and fashionable, Chelan Smith shocked her social media family earlier this year when she revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Though many soon started to send best wishes and encouragement, they were met with gratitude but even more shocking was her positive spirit. 

Chelan mentioned that upon hearing the news, she was in fact shattered. She speaks about calling a close family member and letting it all out. But soon after she decided to fight. 

Being a blogger, she shared her journey and so her posts would pop up on different social media platforms ironically providing inspiration for others. 

Last week’s post was the biggest tearjerker, even though it was indeed a moment to celebrate. 

She wrote, 

“Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning! This morning I successfully completed my radiation therapy at the National Cancer Treatment Center. I am so happy to be finished with another stage of this journey!”

Of course, there were more than 100 comments expressing their joy.

Sleek Jamaica Media caught up with the Warrior for her top 5 lessons through her journey.

1. People will surprise you both in a good or bad way. Try not to take it personally.

2. I found out I was way stronger than I knew and I was a warrior

3. It might be hard at times but stay passionate about what truly makes you you. This disease will try and take everything away from you but I learned to keep my smile

4. Never, ever underestimate the kindness of strangers. So many people sent words of love and affirmation, fruits, veggies when I just found out. People just wanted to help as much as possible

5. My relationship with God got stronger. I never blamed him for what I was going through but I absolutely knew he was in the vessel with me so many times I cried but even more times I smiled at the storm.