Hailing the Prince of Reggae

Jeniel Lamb

3 years ago

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Today would have marked Dennis Brown’s 64th Birthday. The singer was dubbed the crowned Prince of Reggae by reggae star Bob Marley and rightly so as he was an important aspect of Jamaican music. He died at the age of 42 on July 1, 1999, from respiratory failure. 

The legend released more than 75 albums and had a Grammy Nomination in 1994 for his album “Light My Fire” five years before his passing, a feat that rivals many big names in music. This was made possible because the Reggae Royalty elite had been releasing music from the early age of nine when he was performing with Byron Lee and Dragonaires and released the song No Man is An Island at the age of 11. This early start in music got him the moniker “The Micheal Jackson of Reggae.  

The reggae Aristocrat really made his name stick with his many contributions and his lifelong presence- Dennis Brown was said to be the pioneer of the Reggae subgenre of Lovers Rock and this came with songs like Take My Hand and Oh Girl.  

The idea that this man was on this earth for two scores- basically the span of his career and has left such a big footprint in the heart of reggae, really shows that he was Reggae Royalty- his performance, his vocals and love for music; earned him the position of Reggae Prince.