Do you wear a mask during sex?

3 years ago

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This pandemic has given a new meaning to being protected while having intercourse.

Health officials over the past year have instilled the need to wear masks in the fight against COVID-19-. However, the idea that you should wear a mask during sex is what is advised by the Harvard medical officials, they also advise avoid kissing.

The labour intensive act of sexual intercourse might be the cause of rising numbers of COVID-19 cases because persons who are sexually active with persons who might have the virus.

The porn industry has made content that shows persons in the act in masks, hazmat suits, and gloves- maybe that’s what persons need to do in regards to keeping the numbers down.

“Masking up in the bedroom was one of many ways we encourage partners to “make it a little kinky” while limiting the risk of COVID-19 exposure during sex” shared the New York City Health Department.