Do you know what your woman really looks like?

3 years ago

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Camel-toe underwear, push-up bras, body shapers, hair extensions and booty lifters have not found favour with some men who are crying foul at being deceived by women who utilise these enhancements. The claim is being made that women who use these enhancements are being deliberately deceptive because they know that men would not find their natural looks attractive or even sexy. Several memes showing men being surprised and disappointed after the female takes of the hair, makeup, lashes, body shaper, camel toe, butt pads, push up bra even contact lens revealing a different eye colour, have made the social media rounds. The enhancements are said to be reflective of what women perceive that men find attractive, and many men have fallen for the bait. While some have no empathy for men who are saying they have been cheated, (because they should focus on other qualities females possess and not see women as sexual objects) there are those who agree with the men claiming that men are naturally wired to focus on the physical first.

One father shared his advice to his sons, “I tell my boys, if you meet a girl and are serious about getting to know her, take her to the beach or a pool and insist that she goes in the water, all of her must get wet and the make-up wash off, that way you will see just what you are getting.” Another member of the group said that If he sees his girlfriend of three years without her hair extensions, he might not recognize her. The consensus appears to be that the hair extensions are ok, but it is the body enhancements that are the problem. “It is bad enough if you are tricked by the images the person posts on social media and when you see her is a different thing, but to be tricked by what you literally see and touch is a different thing,” said Rory.  The sentiments of these men are shared by others as one study showed that 63% of men think that these practices are deceptive.

Of course, many females have refuted the claim; some say that men are egotistic to believe that it is all about them and this is not so as many women fix themselves up for themselves. Whatever it is that drive women to utilise enhancements; it also driving the cosmetic industry. In the U.S. alone in 2019 the cosmetic industry was worth 49.2 billion dollars.  Women are not the only ones guilty of “aesthetic espionage” as many men also use enhancements different forms other studies claim.