‘Di Dolls’ Dem Out’- Downsound Records launches reality series

Jeniel Lamb

3 years ago

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Dancehall Life premiered on Sunday by Kingston Signals Official and the girlies already have 100k views on their first episode, dancers; TC, Rebel and Pretty will be staying in a mansion in St Andrew for the next six months. 

The dancing trio, who are known backup dancers for Spice is seen in the very beginning being taken from their own homes and brought to the mansion in individual cars. 

The first episode gives us a first look at what’s to come- Dancehall Rebel gets to the house first and has the pick of the best room which includes a jacuzzi. The others aren’t so pleased about this but conclude that they like the house. 

Joe makes a surprise appearance via recording to welcome the ladies. Joe Bogdanovich is the creator of the series which is being done under Downsound Records. The series is co-produced by Ce’cile. 

The series is getting noticed on social media and Jamaicans seem ready for their weekly dose of Jamaican reality.