D’Angel says she never meant to hurt Bounty; details in her new book

3 years ago

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The Lady of Dancehall, D’Angel says she will be penning an autobiography detailing the struggles she has faced as a woman in the industry.

D’Angel, who was speaking in an online interview, said she is hoping that the book will become available to the public by 2022.

When questioned about her past relationships with two of dancehall’s biggest legends and former rivals, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, D’Angel said she will not speak about the relationships, but will instead put paper to pen for it to be shared

“I want to have a keepsake that people can learn from, people can have from generation to generation to come. That’s how I want my story to be shared, up to now I have not shared my story, so everything is bottled up inside of me, I just don’t talk,” 

she told host Barbie.

D’Angel noted that she will not be taking the route of sharing her story on any social media platform for free.

“My story nuh normal, it cannot be free, if that was the case, mi wudda dash it out long time. It wudda be cheap and free and available. My story is my life. Mi caan mek dat just go suh,” 

she said.

She added that her book will be a healing and coping mechanism for women who have gone through similar situations.

“My book is going to be a healing for them so this is this best way to do it.”

In a recent interview, Bounty Killer Bounty stated that he was deeply hurt when D’Angel left him to be with his arch rival at the time, Beenie Man.

“People never know that did hurt me. Mi never cry tears. Mi did deh with a woman for seven years and she get up and deh wid yuh arch rival, it must hurt yuh. It did hurt Bounty but Bounty didn’t cry no tears but Bounty did hurt. Mi nuh robot, me a human being,” Killer shared.

After hearing about the interview, D’Angel stated she didn’t set out to intentionally hurt Bounty Killer.

“Mi never set out fi do that, it just happened. Mi left Killer and one year after me move on,” she said

She said one of the reasons she left Bounty was because he didn’t want her to be an artiste because of the harshness of the music industry. Her connection with Beenie was strengthened because he supported her musical endeavours.

In the meantime, D’Angel says is working on her debut EP titled Exposed .