Dalaz keeps naysayers away with the release of ‘Fall Off’

3 years ago

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Young dancehall entertainer Dalaz has released Fall Off, which is directed to detractors and naysayers of his two-year professional musical career.

According to Dalaz, the decision to voice Fall Off was a result of negative comments about his rise in the business and individuals who believe he will not be able to maintain the high he has generated from his work.

He said the lyrics of the song is inspirational and can be used for motivation and also to repel negative feedback, although it was done in a hardcore dancehall fashion.

“I did it in a hardcore vibe, more than a motivational way. When I say hardcore it would be like how a gun song would be, but it is not a gun song, it is just that it has that effect,” Dalaz said.

Fall Off has gotten a buzz since being released on April 9 on the 14-track mixtape RedTape. The official video for Fall Off has so far gotten over 53,000 views and the audio version over 13,000 views on YouTube.

According to Dalaz, who is originally from Portmore but now resides in St Andrew, he decided to embark on a professional career two years ago, after dabbling in the entertainment business for fun, many years before.

He said he is hoping that the buzz he has gotten from ‘Fall Off’ will help to propel his career to a higher level that will establish him as a bonafide member of the dancehall fraternity.