CPJ puts its stamp on the holidays with St-Remy Signature debut

7 months ago

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Photo credit: SMKS Photography

Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited (CPJ) is set to lift everyone’s holiday spirits with the introduction of St-Rémy Signature to the local market on Monday, November 7.

“It is the expression of 130 years of brandy-making expertise,” said Pascale Sold, Rémy Cointreau’s Caribbean Zone Manager.

St-Rémy Signature will launch at the trendy CRU Bar and Kitchen at Lady Musgrave Road in St Andrew. “This week, in Jamaica, we cheer for those unspeakable moments when everything seems to be in its right place. Here we are, in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people,” said Sold at the launch event.

When asked about St-Rémy Signature’s potential impact on the Jamaican market, CPJ Regional Category Manager Kemmar Lewis said: “Jamaica’s love affair with France stretches well past Paris nights celebrated by champagne toasts. The relationship is more deeply knitted than anything luxuriously finished by Prada.”

He continued: “It only takes a listening ear to a dancehall ballad to learn just how much cognacs have become rooted in Jamaican culture. It is quite evident that the premium spirit of choice for the local market is cognac brands like Remy Martin.”

The ‘right place, time, and people to which Sold referred allude to the fact that this ‘Signature’ St-Rémy varietal is the first original creation of Master Blender Cécile Roudaut, who has just been awarded Blender of the Year 2022 by Business Spirits, for St-Rémy. The delectable innovation was achieved through the exploration of new production processes and new aromas while staying true to ancient techniques.

Roudaut said: “While respecting French brandy-making traditions, I have added a maturation stage in small virgin oak barrels, which marks its distinction.” The double maturation process Roudaut speaks to, elevates the experience.

The first maturation takes place in new oak casks with a fine grain using medium and high heat; these casks deliver spicy notes, indulgence, and vivacity. The second maturation takes place in the traditional casks with a large grain using high heat only.

According to Roudaut: “The result is a smooth brandy with elegant notes of vanilla, a hint of toasted French oak, and a velvety texture. It can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails, shared with your closest friends.”

Its luminous bright-amber colour with intensified fiery red sparks and its sweet aroma make St-Rémy Signature’s perfectly harmonious subtly smooth and fruity taste ideal for the upcoming holiday season.

With the financial strains of inflation facing many Jamaicans, St-Rémy Signature’s presence on the market provides a guilt-free option for persons looking to treat themselves to its round and balanced palate without breaking the bank.

“As cost of living continues to increase, CPJ and Rémy Cointreau have decided to introduce to the market a top-end entrant in the French brandy category segment. It is exceptionally smooth with notes of virgin wood, spices, ideal for those who desire affordable luxury just in time for the season.”

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