Christopher Martin drops mixes and music at 2021 Jamaica Rum Festival

2 years ago

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Reggae singer, Christopher Martin, stirred some cocktails and hearts at the Jamaica Rum Festival’s 2021 Virtual Experience, on Saturday, March 27. The crooner, alongside mixologist Captain Kidd, showcased his favourite ways to have Wray Rum Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum mixed drinks responsibly. Also, he performed tracks like Cheater’s Prayer, Big Deal, and Big Big.

Christopher Martin is a beloved son of the soil, whose music and performances are loved by many in Jamaica.

Pavel Smith, Marketing Manager at J Wray and Nephew Limited, was pleased with artiste’s appearance with his band. “We are always improving the experience Wray Rum lovers have with the brand, so we took the opportunity to add a special mixology segment with Captain Kidd and Christopher Martin, who is a definitely a Big Deal! His skillful maneuvering in the bar and onstage, cemented once again that he is an elite performer within Fi Wi Culture,” he explained.

Having travelled the world over his 16-year career, Martin has seen firsthand the impact of Jamaican music.

“We have a culture like no other. A culture that stands, I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but we definitely have a culture unique from all others in my opinion,” Martin said. “There is no negating, there is no mixing up, there’s no confusion when you hear a Jamaican talk you know it a Fi Wi Culture.”

He agreed that Jamaican culture is propelled greatly by music.

“Music is a big part of our culture, and is apart from what Jamaica offers with its beauty with aesthetics like sand, beach, and mountains.” he said. “Our culture is dancing and music is one of the big, big, big vibes that people look forward to. Music is the soul of Jamaica and the heartbeat. So, when people hear Jamaica the love for our language, music and people deh deh straight up.”

#Vibes Must-Haves

The Pirate of The Caribbean singer has been making the most of the worldwide restrictions on travel by keeping upbeat and jovial at this difficult time mostly by staying close to his tight-knit group of friends.

He shared: “My must-have for celebrations are a small group of good people, good energy and good drinks. Having the friends who I’ve garnered over the years around and the stuff to get you to have a Wraytastic time responsibly — the Wray Rum — is a must for good vibes.”

“I’m just a lover of life still, so even before COVID, I’ve always kind of had that kind of energy. Now, I’ve just delved into it more based on the fact that we don’t really have that many places to go where entertainment is concerned,” Martin said. “So, it’s just my family and my friends and just who I am that keeps me smiling.”

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