Christina Milian says she has no beef with Jennifer Lopez

Shannon-Dale Reid

1 week ago

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For years, it has been said Christina Milian and Jennifer Lopez don’t get along following J-lo’s 2001 hit “Play” written by Milian/

According to a Page Six publication, Milan says there is no beef at all.

Rumors had it that Milian had a problem with how she was credited on the song that appeared on J-Lo’s sophomore album.

Milian explains that she wrote “Play” the same week she crafted her defining debut single, “AM to PM,” during songwriting camps in Sweden with Bloodshy & Avant, Anders Bagge, and more music luminaries of the early 2000s. 

She told Page Six, that J-Lo did the song justice “and I couldn’t believe at 19 years old I wrote a song for J.Lo.”

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