Can Ronaldo do it again?

3 years ago

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Cristiano Ronaldo currently has over 254 million followers on Instagram which makes him the most followed individual on Instagram by a significant margin. He has also been one of the most followed and influential persons across all major social media platforms for over a decade. Much of his influence is garnered through his ability to consistently defy odds on the football pitch. In fact, there is a long list of records and accolades that serve as a testament to his capacity to positively impact matches when needed

At this point, it is almost routine for the Juventus striker to turn ties around, especially in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League where he holds the record for the most total goals.

Now the Juventus striker is being called to action once more following a midweek defeat vs Porto. The 1st leg ended 2-1 with Ronaldo appearing harmless for most of the affair courtesy of a resilient and disciplined F.C Porto backline.

While it certainly is not the best start for Ronaldo, his fans have become callous to his woes as that which is now required is what they have grown to expect. The Striker who turned 36 earlier this month is still very much expected to score the goals necessary for preventing an early Champions League exit.

One might argue that this burden is too much for one man to bear, but Ronaldo himself has refuted the claim. In Juventus’ 2019 Champions League campaign, the team found themselves needing three answered goals against Atletico Madrid; all of which were provided by Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2nd leg. When asked about his individual performance in the said post-match interview, Ronaldo responded “This is what Juventus contracted me for, this is why they brought me in”.

Juventus now needs two unanswered goals for the shortest route to Champions League progression. Can Ronaldo do it? The short answer would be “yes”. Will he do it? It would be a resounding “yes” for his fans while the rest will reserve their responses for March 9 when Juventus hosts Porto for the 2nd leg.