Butler Sticking to His Story

3 years ago

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Jamaica under-23 representative Kyle Butler has claimed the alleged incident between himself and Phoenix All Stars Football Academy Manager Craig Butler, his father, is no surprise but merely the latest stripe in a disturbing pattern of abuse.
The 22-year-old recently took to social media to display photos of an injury to his arm, which he at the time claimed were sustained at the hands of an unnamed abuser. The images have since been deleted but, Butler has also since revealed the injuries were sustained during an altercation with his father.
The senior Butler has denied the incident, insisting that his son had sustained the injury after falling on a stick at training. In a follow-up statement, he insisted the allegations were ‘unfounded’ and that Kyle was battling with major issues.
“I’m cognizant of the many issues Kyle has gotten himself (sic) in and things that my profession and principles would never allow me to be a part of. This has created a major problem in our relationship as I have stated that this is not the path any parent would hope for their child. I am hoping that he will find his way and recognize that his family loves him and want only what is best for him,” a part of Butler’s statement read.
Insisting he was far from surprised by his father’s response, the younger Butler claimed both the denials and abuse folded neatly into an eerily familiar pattern.
“That’s what he did with my mother too. Every time he would abuse my mother he would run to the police and file a report quick, but that’s fine I have the medical reports and everything,” Butler said in a recent interview with a local radio station.
He also took the time out to give an update on his current condition assuring everyone he is now on the mend.
“I’m fine. I’m with my family, me my mother and my sister. I’m in a little pain, I’m really disappointed. I’m really hurt that he is trying to go out of his way to lie to make himself look like he is the victim when he is the culprit but that is what you deal with when you have narcissistic people.”