Bellamy earns Shotokan 8th Degree Black Belt

6 months ago

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Jamaica now has two of only three persons with 8th Degree Black Belts under the umbrella of the International Shotokan Karate Federation in the Caribbean and South America.

This with Athelstan Gilbert Bellamy, a professional banker and photojournalist being elevated to the high-ranking position at the Teruyuki Okazaki Memorial and 42nd Annual ISKF Nationals and International Goodwill Karate Championships in Philadelphia.

Master Bellamy – the vice-chairman and deputy chief instructor of the International Shotokan Karate Federation of Jamaica – ISKFJ, joins his instructor and mentor, Master Garry Turnbull, Chairman and Chief Instructor of ISKF Jamaica, who previously attained his 8th-degree black belt in 2013.

Peter Warren of Barbados is the only other person in the region to attain this high-ranking position.

Bellamy’s 40-plus years of dedication to Shotokan Karate, constant training, research, studying, and teaching led to this singular honour.

Bellamy is fiercely protective of Shotokan Karate and its legacy of purity and directness.

Fully aware of its origins, he continues to impart to students life lessons, which not only help us to defend ourselves and live healthier lifestyles but also help to seek perfection of character through faithfulness, respect for others, and refrain from violent behaviour.

The holder of both a Bachelor of Science in Management and a Master’s Degree in Finance, Bellamy is also an avid saxophonist, a life member of the Jamaica Rifle Association, a lifelong member of UWI Alumni Association, and a member of Kingston Cricket Club.

Congratulations to Athelstan Gilbert Bellamy on his many accolades and for flying Jamaica’s flag high in the world of martial arts in general and Shotokan Karate in particular.

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