Beards gang might be more exposed to COVID

Jeniel Lamb

3 years ago

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The beard is a trend that many men have sported for aesthetics, skin protection or other personal reasons. This might actually be leaving some men open to the virus.

One Yale University Clinical Professor, Dr Mona Gohara specializing in Dermatology says that having a beard creates an opening that

“ it increases the chance that there is a virus that will get to the orifices, which can then obviously give you the disease..”

However, given the evidence that

“not being protected adequately with masks and social distancing does increase your risk of coronavirus,” 

Gohara said, 

“if your mask isn’t fitting properly, then you are increasing your risk.”

This means that while there isn’t adequate research done on the topic once the mask isn’t touching skin as a seal against the COVID-19 virus, you are slightly more at risk. 

Would you be willing to shave your beard to be more protected from the virus?