Athlete’s sample shows traces of banned substance: JAAA tight-lipped

3 years ago

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The Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) is remaining tight-lipped regarding reports of an athlete returning an adverse analytical finding, although confirming that it was in fact the case.

According to reports, a test carried out on the A sample of the athlete has shown traces of a banned substance, but, as per usual protocol, the athlete’s B sample is now being tested.

While admitting that the JAAA had been notified that a Jamaican athlete had indeed returned a positive test result, head of the local track and field body Garth Gayle insisted the body was not at liberty to discuss the details of the case.

“We are aware that an athlete has returned an adverse analytical finding and the matter is being addressed, along the regular lines of how it ought to be dealt with,”

Gayle said in a recent television interview.

“It is not in our remit to give particular information at this moment,”

he added.

Typically, athletes who have been notified of testing positive for an adverse finding may request that a B sample be tested before answering the case before a specially convened tribunal.